Zone 1: Lights of the Past

We stare at the night sky less and less. The daily rush prevents us from reflecting on bright, flickering stars above our heads, which for hundreds of years aroused the need for further development in our ancestors, getting them to strive for the unknown and capture its beauty. However, the development they were pursuing has resulted in fewer and fewer stars in the night sky. We have even lost sight of much brighter events such as the Perseids. Cities illuminated for comfort and safety with artificial light of lamps and neon signs make us focus on the beauty of the buildings and spaces that surround us instead. Thus we have once again moved away from nature. From the mysterious beauty of the Lights of the Past, which we saw when we looked at the stars.

16–20 August 2022, 20.30–24.00
The Dream Valley
Anastasiia Kovalchuk, Marcin Molendowski, Marta Sochacka
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