Zone 1: Nature at the Ball

This installation is a correspondence with the Elements and Nature. She tells her story herself and invites you to take part in it. The creation of human hands, made of tamed materials and temperatures, creates a whole with Nature. Glass leaves, modeled on Nature, is something that Nature could not create by itself, so it supported a human to put on this creation for a few nights. A creation made of glass leaves. People entangled in Nature’s plan, without knowing the cause or effect, sought to satisfy Her whim. Guided by her, they prepared prom lights and creations. This creation is an expression of lightness and delicacy, hardness and fragility at the same time, heaviness and floating — the point of collision of extremes and elements. And here we are, in this place and time, admiring Nature and the ball organized by her. We are here because she has drawn us into her plan. What is our role here?

16–20 August 2022, 20.30–24.00
The Dream Valley
Daniel Okruch
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