Women: a Time of Change

During the 13th Bella Skyway Festival. Toruń. Kujawsko-Pomorskie you will have the opportunity to see a unique exhibition created by National Geographic “Women: a Time of Change”. For more than 130 years, women and their inspiring stories have contributed to the history of National Geographic. The photo archives are filled with their stories, and these frames make up the world's only chronicle of women. Thanks to these resources, we can trace the history of women through the ages — how they were perceived, treated, what rights they were entitled to or what rights were taken away from them. The exhibition “Women: a Time of Change” brings back the most inspiring, moving and unique stories of women crossing boundaries, overcoming obstacles and setting new paths for themselves and others. Selected and collected together, the photographs illustrate the changing role of women in societies around the world. From traditional to provocative subjects, the photos are divided into sections depicting diverse takes on femininity: from joy, beauty and love, to wisdom, strength and hope.

16–20 August 2022, 20.30–24.00
Rynek Staromiejski
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