Watching Behind the Horizon

Together with Natalya Kravchuk, the artistic director of the Kiev festival, the organizers of the Bella Skyway Festival have decided to invite Ukrainian 3D mapping artists. The result will be a publicly accessible mapping presented on the facade of the Church of the Holy Spirit, which will be co-created by artists associated with the Kiev festival: Svitlana Reinish, Kurbas Pro, BlckBox and EVM ART. The whole, in addition to fragments characteristic of each artist's style, will include elements associated with Ukraine - for the benefit of those who found themselves in Torun as refugees.

16–20 August 2022, 20.30–24.00
Kościół Ducha Świętego, Rynek Staromiejski
Blckbox: Oleksii Tyshchenko, Anton Shevchenko, EVM Art: Iaroslav Kostenko, Dmitry Nechepurenko, Kurbas Production, Svitlana Reinish
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