Zone 3: The Shepherd of Trees

In folk of tales and fairy tales, magical beings have always lived near people. Some of them, like house elves for a little milk, helped with small household chores, while others, like pot-house or devilishly mischievous people and confused people’s heads. Ents, known as the Shepherds of Trees, are long-lived creatures from Tolkien mythology, who resembled trees from ancient forests, and the meaning of their lives was to take care of the forests and take care of their growth. The Ent placed on the wall of the windmill is, in a way, the guardian of one of the green refuges in the concrete world of people. A powerful and kind-hearted creature providing water to the open-air museum is to remind people of the importance of caring for the surrounding nature.

16–20 August 2022, 20.30–24.00
The Ethnographic Museum
Bogumił Palewicz
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