All installations and projections are presented throughout the festival. They are waiting for you in Toruń’s Old Town on August 16-20, 2022, from 8.30 pm to midnight. The ticket entitles you to one-time entry to each zone.

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The Dream Valley
Zone 1
The Rapacki Square
Zone 2
The Ethnographic Museum
Zone 3
Accompanying events
Tree Refuge
An installation focusing on anthropomorphization of trees refers to animated demands on stumps.
Hehku II
In this work, the artist reflects on the relationship between humanity and nature. The candy-coloured scenes are projected on the one hand to arouse our desire, and on the other to be a warning of future catastrophes.
New Hope
Just as the event horizon prevents us from seeing what is behind it, the nest separates and protects the young from the outside world. In this carefully prepared refuge, a new life hatches, and with it a new hope.
The object is a reflection on man’s attempt to escape from nature with which he is inseparably connected.
Snapshots from the Future
The main character of the animation is thrown into three completely different worlds from the future. Will it cope with the changing reality?
Fragments of Reality
The object is a reflection on man’s attempt to escape from nature with which he is inseparably connected.
Prometheus 4.0
Prometheus 4.0 is a beacon that brings fire, a meeting place that is so lacking in today's world.
Spider O’Clock
“Spider O’Clock” is the hour that strikes after dusk. It is here in the Valley of Dreams that all spiders meet to dance together to the calypso rhythm.
Lights of the Past
We have once again moved away from nature. From the mysterious beauty of the lights of the past, which we saw when we looked at the stars.
Nature at the Ball
People entangled in Nature’s plan, without knowing the cause or effect, sought to satisfy hers whim. And here we are, in this place and time, admiring Nature and the ball organized by her. What is our role here?
The Anooki Shake Up Toruń
The Anooki are playing with the building. They twist it and animate it, transform it into living matter, always with the same intention — to convey something important.
The Anooki in their unlimited joy remind us of how precious our planet is. Will you allow something to download in their area and you will look a little differently at our environments?
Live It
The show is an artistic interpretation of a key moment in human life. It is the moment when we are left helpless, and our further fate depends on other people. In this artistic interpretation, we will follow a beam of light to find the answer to the question: are we ready for it?
The Snow Globe
The Anooki are steadfast messengers of the environment. Their ice floe has dissolved and they are aware of the fragility of our planet. They are trying to show us that the solution to environmental problems lies within each of us, and we have the power to fix it.
The Anooki are the best friends in the world. They jump, play and dance. Sometimes we can cover them behind the church when they give each other a kiss on the cheek or when they take a forbidden bath in a pond…
These two nice characters travel the world with incredible determination to inspire us to care for the earth. Will you join them?
Illuminated Open-Air Museum
As you walk through the open-air museum, you will be able to pause for a moment and think about who is the guardian of nature in the concrete world of people.
The Energy of the Future
Light, animation, mapping combined with music will take the audience to the digital future of concerts. Will this form replace real musicians on stage?
Small and Large Forms
Thanks to modern technology, we can trace the journey from a single cell to an entire, living organism.
Nature is as beautiful as it is unpredictable, and charming landscapes can be changed by the weather in just a few minutes. The destructive nature of the forces of nature, as well as their tamed face, will contribute to powering machines created by man.
The Shepherd of Trees
Ents, known as the Shepherds of Trees, are long-lived creatures from Tolkien mythology, who resembled trees from ancient forests, and the meaning of their lives was to take care of the forests and take care of their growth.
Watching Behind the Horizon
The mapping will present fragments characteristic of each artist’s style and elements associated with Ukraine — for the benefit of those who found themselves in Toruń as refugees.
Women: a Time of Change
During the festival you will have the opportunity to see a unique exhibition created by National Geographic. For more than 130 years, women and their inspiring stories have contributed to the history of National Geographic.
Illumination of the Piłsudski Bridge
The inclusion of the illumination of the Pilsudski Bridge in the festival map is expected to make audiences flock to and enliven the Vistula boulevards, which are likely to become one of the key meeting places.
Illumination of the Toruń City Hall
The City Hall building will be illuminated in a unique way with different colored lights.
Illumination of the Voivodship Office
A specially prepared installation in the form of a light arrangement will use RGB outdoor lighting. The facade of the building of the Marshal’s Office of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship will light up with vivid colors to attract the eyes of passers-by.
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