Discover the light installations and projections that are waiting for you in Toruń’s Old Town on 17–21 August 2021, from 8:30 PM to midnight.

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Valley of Dreams
Zone 1
Plac Rapackiego
Zone 2
Teutonic Castle
Zone 3
Live concerts
Facebook: 19 and 21 August
Valley of Dreams
The illuminations throughout the zone are based on the concept of an enchanted garden. The urban greenery, trees and small architecture are going to be illuminated in a way to emphasize and highlight their beauty without unnecessary interference in the surrounding environment.
Secrets of the Forest
A fairy-tale show of photos of Polish nature, which will be displayed on a huge screen and will introduce viewers to the mysteries of Polish forests.
Weeping Willow
The enchanted tree will be accompanied by illuminations of the park infrastructure and the surrounding greenery, which will create a unique combination of nature and technology.
Light meadow and enchanted tunnel
The path of light will lead adventurers further towards a magical meadow, glowing with colorful lights, and an enchanted tunnel.
The enchanted timer will say goodbye to visitors, reminding you of the world’s liquid nature and showing for the last time that nature and technology can perfectly interpenetrate and work together.
Ultimate Princess Celebration — Sky filled with courage and kindness
Disney Princesses and Queens will be the protagonists of the mapping. The show will be an opportunity to get inspired by the Disney characters and change the world for the better with every little good deed and every daily act of courage.
Luminous decoration of Collegium Minus UMK
The luminous decoration of the Collegium Minus building of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń will complement the magical, fairy-tale atmosphere, filling the zone with delightful colours.
Harmony of Opposites
Fog taking various forms, which, combined with animations, creates fleeting and unique visual effects. Its opposite are solids that symbolize a constant and unchanging form.
The Elements
The age-old concept of the elements is associated with wind, earth, fire and water. What if we consider the elements we are ourselves as humans?
Hot and Cold
A videoart about climate change sweeping the entire planet like a pandemic. In terms of meaning, it refers both to the changes that the planet is subject to and to the game that shapes the ability to read signals from the environment.
Veins of the City
The glow of the veins will both illuminate the area of the ruins at night and shed light on the history of the city. It will prove that the Teutonic Castle is still alive, and the story about it should not be forgotten.
Spirit of the City
The installation shows the characteristic buildings of Toruń’s old town with a pinch of salt. The elements of the installation are atmospheric old town tenement houses of various specific shapes.
The installation consists of 24 glass panes made using the fusing technique, which were hung in several sequences along the walls of the ruins of the Teutonic Castle.
Inside Energy
Dynamic animation combines the technique of 2D and 3D animation, playing with light showing a human as part of the cosmos.
Bee roles
The installation refers to the everyday life of bees and their role in human life. The artists want to emphasize in their project how much these insects do for the world and how we limit their freedom through our actions.
The duo of well-known and popular promoters of astronomy from Toruń (Piotr Majewski and Jerzy Rafalski) will take viewers on a long journey aimed at exoplanets — distant worlds beyond the Solar System.
Big Joe Stolle
Thursday, 19 August, 2:00 pm — concert of an outstanding musician from Germany. Live broadcast on Bella Skyway Festival’s fanpage.
AGE band
Saturday, 21 August 21, 2:00 pm — concert of a blues group from Lithuania. Live broadcast on Bella Skyway Festival’s fanpage.
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