This summer Bella Skyway Festival will, once again, illuminate the heart of Toruń. 12th edition of Toruń’s light festival will be held on August 17–21, 2021. For five summer evenings, the amazing glow of light installations will enliven the city’s night scenery. This year, one of the buildings will make a special impression on the viewers!

After a one-year break, the Toruń’s light festival will return to the Old Town Complex in the company of a unique partner, thanks to whom the most magical mapping in the history of the festival will be presented at the Collegium Maximum UMK building. A unique partner of the 12th Bella Skyway Festival Toruń Województwo Kujawsko-Pomorskie will be Disney, celebrating this year the Ultimate Princess Celebration.

12th Bella Skyway Festival

As part of the celebration of the event, especially for the Bella Skyway Festival, an extraordinary mapping will be created by Portuguese artists from the Ocubo group — one of the world’s best specialists in 3D projection. Disney Princesses and Queens will be the protagonists of the mapping under the name of “The Ultimate Princess Celebration: Sky filled with courage and kindness”. Viewers will see the most famous film scenes with the participation of the curious world of Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”, tireless Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog”, throwing herself into the adventures of Rapunzel from “Tangled”, the independent Merida from “Merida the Brave”, Vaiana — the fearless explorer from the film “Vaiana: Treasure of the Ocean” and the queens Anna and Elsa from “Frozen”. The show will be an opportunity to get inspired by the Disney characters and change the world for the better with every little good deed and every daily act of courage.

As Krystian Kubjaczyk, the festival’s director says: There has never been such a project in the history of Bella Skyway Festival. For the first time, the audience will watch a mapping not on one, but at the same time on two walls of Collegium Maximum UMK. This will open up previously unavailable opportunities for telling a story — and the one, in the case of this mapping, will also be unique, because it is associated with the values ​​that we all associate well-known characters from Disney films. The projection will be complemented by water effects and lasers. A special moment of mapping — and a surprise for the audience, which now does not want to talk about too much — will be an interactive moment with Toruń’s astronomical accent, in which some lucky person from audience will have their share.

The unique Disney mapping displayed at the Collegium Maximum UMK, the most recognizable building of the festival, will be the main attraction of this year’s edition of the festival and will be remembered by viewers for a long time. The surroundings of the building where the projection will be shown will constitute a festival zone aimed at families and viewers of all ages.

Idea of the festival

The cultural landscape of Toruń has been enriched by another European-scale event — Bella Skyway Festival. A festival that is fresh, unique and reality-changing. A festival that breathes new life into the gothic town walls of Toruń.

The Festival has been organised in Toruń since 2009 and its beginnings are connected with the fact that the town tried to become a European Capital of Culture 2016. The programme of this event is based on three pillars:

  • Science – festival’s concept is based on astronomy and science. The way Bella Skyway Festival communicates with people taking part in it is unusual, accessible and inspiring, always inviting people to go a step further to learn something new. The experience of beauty is very important, of course, but that scientific accent should be not neglected.
  • Art – the driving force of the festival. Audiovisual arts, performance, art that is electrifying, innovative and unusual, that goes well with the natural landscape of the town and its public space. Art you can simply touch. This festival pillar is important from the perspective of town’s heritage and history, as Toruń is known for its special art and science-friendly atmosphere.
  • People – “culture for everybody” – this has been the motto of the festival since its very beginning. Bella Skyway Festival is an event for all generations. To start interaction with culture it’s enough to leave the house. This is an advantage of a non-commercial event. An important aspect of the festival is a possibility to get involved in special actions accompanying the event.

Science and art combined with a strong social dimension are the aspects that have always intermingled and complemented one another in Toruń. They make the town so special. So does Bella Skyway Festival.

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