Zone 1: Secrets of the Forest

After entering The Dreamy Valley, visitors will be greeted by illuminated trees and shrubs, one of them decorated particularly, with the addition of a music show. All of the above is going to be an introduction for a magical photoshow of polish nature titled “The Secrets of Forest”, which will be presented on a huge screen to invite the viewers into discovering secrets of polish woods. Viewers will get an opportunity to observe changes that are happening in the life of fauna and flora throughout the changing seasons — starting with lively, green spring, through forest wetlands where cranes and beavers live, autumnal rutting of deers and wood harvests, winter, snowy landscapes, from which the wings of wild birds emerge to finally reach the beginning — early spring — the new forest’s life cycle. The author of the photos that make up the unusual show is Łukasz Gwiździel, a forester from the Lutówko Forest District in Krajno, winner of many photo competitions, including international ones.

CD Lighting / Łukasz Gwiździel
Valley of Dreams
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