Super Copernicus

Super Copernicus is an installation created for the celebration of the 550th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus. The video mural will tell the story of the famous astronomer's life and achievements in an intriguing way. Video art displayed in public space is an unobvious form of transferring historical knowledge. But this is where the power of message of the Super Copernicus video art lies. Each of us knows that it was the astronomer from Toruń who "stopped the Sun and moved the Earth". But what else do we know about our compatriot?

The creators of the "Super Copernicus" video mural will aim to disseminate knowledge not only about Koperniki, but also about Toruń itself and its beautiful old town, which is the venue for the festival.

Toruń-based artists are involved in the creation of the "Super Copernicus" video mural, who, while working on the installation, will draw on the knowledge and historical documents collected about Copernicus in his hometown of Toruń.

CKK Jordanki
Ryszard Kruk, Tomasz Ostaszewski, Piotr Bartos
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