Monad. Energy of the universe

For centuries, circle has held multiple meanings for humanity.

Pythagoras called the circle - “monad” the most perfect of creative forms, without beginning or end. The whole, the infinite, the eternal, the unified. Seen as a halo, an element of spirit, circle unites the elements of life: fire, air, water, and earth and becomes a symbol of time, the perpetual motion of life. Birth, life, death and rebirth – the giant rhythm of the universe.

The original perfection and the enlightenment.

The encompassing circle becomes a border against chaos, protecting balance and harmony.
The zero, the beginning.

Seen in the context of recent developments in the world, Monad is inviting the audience to an inspiring and uplifting experience of wonder and reflection about life and our chance for a new beginning.

Fosa Zamku Krzyżackiego
Anastasia Isachsen
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