Mystery of the Sun

The Mystery of the Sun - is a light installation with a diameter of 5 meters. Due to the 550th birthday of Nicolaus Copernicus, the installation directly refers to the heliocentric idea. But it can also be viewed more broadly. It refers to the cult of the sun - heliolatry, the most recognizable system in the world. The sun is considered as a creative force that conditions life on Earth. It refers to infinity, energy and heat. It is a symbol of light, fire, truth, knowledge, enlightenment, wisdom and glory from ancient times to the present day. The sun is associated with fertility, justice, but also with ancient religions, e.g. Christianity, in which the symbol of the cross was the original sacred solar sign, and the literal artifact of form is the monstrance. Today, sunlight is associated with life, joy and happiness, but also with the greenhouse effect that we have created ourselves. The installation will be presented in the courtyard of the Old Town Hall in Toruń, becoming a symbolic center of the universe. During the Bella Skyway Festival, it will be presented along with the visualization.

Ratusz Staromiejski Courtyard
Katarzyna Łyszkowska
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