Bubble Nebula

"Some people live in a dream world. Others - they look at reality. There are also those who turn one into the other." The American athlete Douglas Everett aptly divided people into those who rock in the clouds and those who have their feet firmly on the ground. With all this, he did not forget to mention us - people who can transform ordinary everyday life into a land of dreams. "Dreamers of the Green Planet"? Yes, we are Słupsk Soap Bubbles and our enchanted land!

For chemists, a soap bubble is simply a film formed from a mixture of soap and water.

For artists, it is a symbol of evanescence, which Jacob van Loo presented in his paintings. However, for a child it is more than a round form in transparent multicolors. It is an undiscovered mystery, a fascinating phenomenon and a pinch of magic transferred to reality. Soap bubbles have always accompanied dreamers. This is tangible proof that the fantasy world really exists! We are sure that even Nicolaus Copernicus himself saw in them a Wonderland enclosed in a transparent capsule.

Playing with bubbles builds imagination, inspires and motivates to discover new, unknown sensations.

"How are soap bubbles made? Will we find a moment of respite when entering the bubble world? Is it just an effect of iridescence, or maybe a dreamland where freedom and nature are hidden? In the world of digitization and modern technologies, it is so difficult to see and appreciate the true value hidden in simplicity. That's what soap bubbles are like - simple and unusual at the same time. Uncomplicated and natural, yet so fascinating.

Playing with bubbles is an activity that Mother Earth accepts.

An attraction that is safe for both humanity and the environment. It is an inspiration to take care of our green planet and to promote games that do a great job without plastics and chemicals that negatively affect the condition and functioning of the natural environment. Representatives of Słupsk Soap Bubbles will prepare a show using soap bubbles, spectacular smoke and music. We will enchant reality - we will enchant the audience.

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