Copernicus Star

The Copernicus Star is a spectacle based on fantastic animations showing the planets observed by Nicolaus Copernicus and extrasolar worlds, which in some way (e.g. through naming) are related to the figure and work of our greatest scientist from Toruń. The whole thing is enriched with narration and music track. The authors are well-known and respected promoters of astronomy, creators of radio and television programs, animators of events devoted to knowledge about the Universe: Piotr Majewski - radio operator, Master of Polish Speech and Jerzy Rafalski - astronomer from the Planetarium Toruń, author of books. Both of them have been running the biweekly "Radio Planet i Komet" on Polish Radio PiK for years.

Baj Pomorski Theater
Piotr Majewski, Jerzy Rafalski
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