We are all dreamers, and any wish, no matter how big, has transformative power and can make positive changes in our lives. In Japanese culture, cranes are a symbol of prosperity. They are considered birds of luck and can help you achieve your dreams. According to tradition, the person who folds 1,000 origami cranes will be given the opportunity to fulfill their innermost wish.

The installation "999", referring to Japanese culture, emphasizes the urgent need to act for environmental protection and becomes an appeal to take action for the Earth - our common good. The rising cranes show that it is time to take our environmental dreams to the next level. It is an invitation to engage and together take up the challenge that the Earth itself has set before us - the challenge of transforming and nurturing our planet so that it is a place full of life, harmony and beauty. Everyone who stands in front of our installation should feel that they have the power to influence the future of the Earth and contribute their symbolic "crane" to environmental protection. Mother Earth is waiting so much for the missing thousandth bird to fulfill her greatest dream.

Dolina Marzeń
Grupa GRU
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