Event regulations

“13th Bella Skyway Festival. Kujawsko – Pomorskie ”
(Toruń, August 16-20, 2022)

General provisions

These Regulations define the terms and conditions of participation in the 13. Bella Skyway Festival. Toruń. Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Participants of the 13th Bella Skyway Festival. Toruń. Kujawsko-Pomorskie is obliged to read the content of the Regulations before participating in the event. The purchase of a ticket and participation in the event are tantamount to the Participants’ acceptance of the rules contained in these Regulations.


  1. The regulations of the event (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) were issued on the basis of the provisions of the Act of 25 October 1991 on organizing and conducting cultural activities (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 862 – uniform text) and on the basis of the provisions of the Civil Code .
  2. The organizers of the 13th Bella Skyway Festival. Toruń. Kujawsko – Pomorskie is the City of Toruń and the Toruń Cultural Agency.
  3. The venue of the event 13th Bella Skyway Festival. Toruń. Kujawsko-Pomorskie will be 3 fenced, ticketed zones located in the Toruń Old Town Complex and in its immediate vicinity. As part of the event, free accompanying events will also be organized in various locations in the city of Toruń.
  4. For the needs of the 13th Bella Skyway Festival. Toruń. Kujawsko-Pomorskie adopts the following definitions:
    • “event” – the 13th Bella Skyway Festival. Toruń. Kujawsko-Pomorskie, hereinafter referred to as the 13. Bella Skyway Festival;
    • “organizer” – the City of Toruń and the Toruń Cultural Agency, responsible for the coordination of the event and the implementation of these Regulations;
    • “participant” – a natural person participating in the event, meeting and accepting the provisions of these Regulations;
    • “zone” – a fenced area where the event takes place. The zones will be located within Rapacki Square, the Valley of Dreams and the Maria Znamierowska-Prüfferowa in Toruń;
    • “accompanying event” – special, free events taking place in the open, public space of the city, outside the festival zones;
    • “gastronomic zone” – an open, generally accessible zone located in the New Town Square, in which there are food trucks and food stands;
    • “commercial zone” – designated areas in the city where, with the consent of the Organizer, occasional trade may take place;
    • “installation” – a multi-element artistic realization in a specific space (place, object, etc.) found or constructing such a space. In other words, an installation is a work of art with spatial values, built by an artist and adjusted to a specific space, the installation also includes a mapping displayed on the facade of the building.

Participation in the event

  1. The event will be held from 16/08/2022 to 20/08/2022, daily from 20:30 to 00:00.
  2. Closing of queues and the last entry to the event area is planned around 23:45. By entering the event area, the Organizer means entering the zone, in the queue to which the participant was at around 23:45. The organizer reserves the right to change the hours of the event and the occurrence of technical breaks.
  3. Admission to the event is paid. The following price tariffs are established:
    • PLN 20.00 gross (say: twenty zlotys gross 00/100) in pre-sale from the date of announcement until 30.07.2022,
    • PLN 25.00 gross (in words: twenty five zlotys gross 00/100) from 1 August 2021 to 20 August 2021,
    • children up to 3 years of age may enter the event site free of charge.
  4. Admission tickets can be purchased via the websites (the purchase of a ticket via the website is associated with the acceptance of the portal’s regulations) indicated by the Organizer and at marked ticket offices: in the City of Toruń and in tents set up at the entrance to each zone. Tickets purchased through the sales portals will be honored in both paper and electronic versions.
  5. Having a ticket entitles the participant to enter each zone once on a specific day of the event.
  6. There is one queue before entering the zones. Having a ticket previously purchased electronically does not entitle to earlier entry to the event area outside the current queue.
  7. Electronic tickets are valid only on the day indicated on the ticket. When entering the event site for the first time, the ticket will be scanned and exchanged for a paper ticket. The ticket unused during the event loses its validity, and failure to use the ticket during the event does not entitle the Participant to apply for a refund of the ticket costs or exchange for an item of equal value.
  8. The organizer reserves the right to change or cancel the event on a given day due to weather or other random events or force majeure. If the event is canceled for random reasons, the tickets will be valid on the remaining days of the festival.
  9. The organizer reserves the right to temporarily suspend traffic in the zones, announce a technical break or shut down some installations for safety reasons. Temporary unavailability of all attractions of the event does not entitle the return of tickets.
  10. The organizer reserves the right to introduce epidemiological restrictions, in accordance with the guidelines imposed on him by an institution of higher instance.
  11. Participants of the event are required to move around its premises on foot, in accordance with the specified sightseeing direction. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to use wheeled vehicles such as bicycles, scooters, skateboards and rollers.
  12. The number of viewers staying in each zone at the same time will not exceed 999 people. The organizer reserves the right to regulate the number of people staying in the event area.
  13. There is one entrance to each zone, and one exit from the zone area – traffic in the event area takes place in accordance with the marking. There are marked emergency exits in each zone.
  14. Entry to the event site is possible at the earliest at the start of the event.
  15. The organizer does not impose any age restrictions for the participants of the event, however, he stipulates that children and teenagers under the age of 13 may participate in the event only under the supervision of an adult.
  16. People under the influence of alcohol and drugs and behaving in a way that endangers the safety of other people, interferes with the event or violates generally accepted standards of behavior in public places may be asked to leave the event site or not be admitted to the event. In this case, the admission fee is non-refundable.
  17. The following prohibitions apply in the area of the event:
    • changes to the route designated by the event organizer,,
    • leaving any items and rubbish on the event site,
    • loudspeakers for broadcasting music,
    • lasers,
    • smoking tobacco, open fire and e-cigarettes,
    • bringing in psychotropic substances, drugs and ingredients,
    • bring firearms, edged weapons and sharp weapons,
    • wearing firecrackers, flammable materials and others dangerous materials,
    • bring luggage and backpacks over 40 x 50 cm,
    • touching and climbing elements of the installation,
    • attempts to damage the installation,
    • use of wheeled vehicles such as bicycles, scooters, skateboards and rollers.
  18. All participants of the event are required to behave.
  19. The participants of the event are obligated to behave in a safe way not to endager other participants.
  20. During the event, it is not allowed to react in a way that may lead to harm to other participants of the event.
  21. In the event of the circumstances described in points 15, 16, 17 and 18 of these regulations, security services will intervence.
  22. Any problems should be reported to the Organizer or people operating the zone.
  23. The organizer is entitled to record the course of the event, and in particular the behavior of people participating in it, using video and sound recording devices.
  24. The organizer has the right to register and record the image of people on the premises of the event for promotional, marketing, image purposes, etc.
  25. The Organizer bears no responsibility for valuables left in the event area.
  26. Trade in the area of ​​the event may only take place in places designated for this by the Organizer and with the sole consent of the Organizer. In the case of trading in other places and without the Organiser’s consent, the Municipal Police in Toruń will keep the goods.


  1. All participants of the event are obliged to strictly follow the recommendations of the zone and installation operations related to safety and order.
  2. In case of fainting or other health problems, please report to the Organizer or the people serving the zones.
  3. In each zone, there are medical points that provide basic help in case of fainting or other sudden health problems.

Final provisions

  1. Participation in the 13th Bella Skyway Festival is voluntary and is tantamount to accepting these regulations.
  2. Persons who break the provisions of these Regulations will be removed from the event area.
  3. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the content of the Regulations. Participants will be informed about any changes to the regulations via the website of the Toruń Cultural Agency.
  4. Any disputes arising from the performance of obligations under these Regulations shall be settled by the court having jurisdiction over the seat of the Organizer.
  5. All matters not included in the regulations are settled by the Organizer.

Personal data protection — information clause

  1. The administrator of the personal data of the Event Participants is the Organizer – Toruń Cultural Agency based in Toruń, ul. Marii Konopnickiej 13/4, 87-100 Toruń. All correspondence regarding the processing of personal data should be directed to the Organizer at the address of the registered office.
  2. The participant participating in the event agrees to the processing of personal data by the Organizer for purposes related to maintaining security rules.
  3. Participants’ data will be processed under the legitimate interest of the personal data administrator only for the purpose and scope necessary to conduct the event and maintain security rules. The organizer will store personal data in a manner consistent with applicable regulations, including, in particular, securing them against disclosure to unauthorized persons, removal by an unauthorized person, processing in violation of the Act, as well as alteration, loss, damage or destruction.
  4. The participant has the right to access their personal data and to correct them, demand their removal, limit their processing and data transfer, in accordance with the restrictions resulting from art. 15-21 GDPR. In accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Ministry of Development and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, deletion of personal data of Event Participants may take place not earlier than within 2 weeks from the date of the event. Participants have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body competent for the protection of personal data – the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.
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